If I had a (100) million dollars

If I had a (100) million dollars

I often think about what I would do if I ever won the lottery. Here are some musts:

  1. Hire a trilingual (preferably English, French and one other language) maid who will also, on occasion, baby sit. I hate cleaning and would like to sometimes have the opportunity to leave the home and not take Ben. Said trilingual maid would also help teach Ben her many languages so that he would become a fantastic citizen of the world.
  2. Work part-time, pro bono, at a non-profit.
  3. Hire a personal trainer so that I can realize my vain dreams of having a rocking A.B. (after baby) body.
  4. Design a dream house with an amazing kitchen where I could cook “gourmet” meals.
  5. Take Ben (and future kids) and my niece (and other future nieces and nephews) on adventures all across the world so that they can experience other cultures
  6. Provide a nice living environment for my parents as they get older.
  7. Create a scholarship fund.
  8. Buy a horse.
  9. Build a wraparound porch on my dream house so that I can sit outside drinking my morning coffee and reading a book while enjoying a killer view.
  10. Pay for college outright.

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