Getting Boys to Read

Getting Boys to Read

As a teacher, one thing I struggle with is getting boys interested in reading. Granted, I teach high schoolers but I don’t get many boys who like to read for fun. As a big reader, I hope that one day Ben will also be a big reader, too. It’s many years away (we have to work on talking first!) and Husband and I make sure that we read a story to Ben every night before bed. We are working our way through the Percy Jackson series now. Granted, he has no idea what’s happening and we’ll probably have to re-read these books again (I don’t mind. I love them!), but there aren’t that many good books out there for young boys. Yes, there are Harry Potter and other series, but boys are very neglected in the whole children’s literature genre. There are lists upon lists of good books for girls. Hence this list for adolescent feminist girls. Thankfully, I stumbled upon this website that talks about getting boys to read. I’m trying to build up my lists for when Ben gets older, so does anyone have other suggestions for “boy” books?

Ben "reading" at the dinner table at 6 months


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  1. I’ll have to think about it more but I feel like the really popular young book series (particularly the adventure genre) as being more male oriented – like How to Train Your Dragon, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, And then the girl series tend to be more touchy-feely. Like the babysitter series. But perhaps I’m wrong.

    I think the other difficulty is the lure of other things – video games have really drawn boys in, so I think they provide really stiff competition to books for when boys are at home. And based on my memory the my college roommates video games, some did have very cool story lines.

  2. My fourth grade boys love the Captain Underpants series. It has a lot of potty humor and silliness and is right up their alley.
    Dairy of a Wimpy Kid has always been a hit with my junior high kids, boys and girls.
    My elementary and junior high kids tend to steer towards fantasy and adventure. While my highschool boys lean more towards historical fiction and biographies.

    My mom is an avid reader and also wanted the four of us (3 boys. I’m the only girl.) to love to read. All four of us do. She did exactly as you are. She read to us constantly. That was our cuddle and chat time as little kids. We took trips to the library and would drool at the selection of shiny books at the book store.

    A unique thing that my mom encouraged was to put a book on our birthday and Christmas lists. We still do this to even as adults 🙂

    1 of my brothers went through a period of time where he was more interested in video games and horror movies than books. So, my mom researched novels based on video games. It worked like a charm!

    Good luck! Happy reading! 🙂

  3. Great ideas! I agree about video games. Boys are such wiggly creatures that it’s like reading a book and moving at the same time. Hopefully, Daddy won’t derail any of our reading tactics with his tempting video games!

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