Bedtime in our house is kind of ridiculous. Not in the “Go the eff to sleep” way, but in the “Why does our dog need to get tucked in?” way. Please see below for the evidence as to why our bedtime process is so crazy.

1. From the start, we have established a pretty good bedtime routine. We do bath time, then a story and a bottle simultaneously before we finally put him to bed. Ben is usually pretty good about falling asleep and can do so anywhere. Yet, for whatever reason, I am always the last one to bed and usually the first one up in the morning. Where is the justice? I will say Husband is very wonderful about getting up with Ben on the weekends and at night. The last to bed part might have something to do with my procrastinating by playing on the Internet. Whoops!

Exhibit A demonstrates Ben’s ability to fall asleep anywhere, including a Target shopping cart.

Target is so exhausting

2. As noted above, Ben’s problem usually isn’t falling asleep. It’s staying asleep. From birth, Ben has been a pacifier boy. He loves them. We call them buttons. However, we have created a monster in terms of sleeping with a button. He can’t sleep without it. Sure, he can stay asleep if it falls out…for a little while. But going through the whole night without one…I don’t want to know what would happen. Yes, it’s a bad habit, but Husband and I have also become addicted. Unfortunately, this became a problem last month when Ben was sick with a sinus infection and teething at the same time. Those were dark days. To combat Ben’s tendency to take out his button and chuck it, we had a “button armada” set up on the side of his crib.  Another thing he liked to do during this time was rattle the buttons along the slats like a prisoner with a tin cup. Sadly, he often dropped his “tin cup” during these sessions and we had to grope around in the dark to try and find it. At the time it wasn’t funny. In retrospect, it’s hilarious.

Exhibit B is the side of the crib during sinus infection/teething hell. Auxiliary button (we normally keep one on the side of the crib) grew to 3 extra buttons plus one for the mouth. Exhibit B+  shows a 3-week old Ben sleeping with his button not too far away.

The Button Armada

3. Undoubtedly the strangest part of our bedtime ritual is the dog. Jack is a delightful beagle-terrier mix of some sort. He’s a very good furry big brother to Ben. He is also very…quirky. Generally, he isn’t allowed on the furniture except for Husband’s recliner. Therefore, Jack sleeps on the recliner every night. Well…he sleeps there only if he’s tucked in with his blanket. Yes. That’s right. My dog needs to be tucked in with a blanket. He has many strange traits, but after I lock up the downstairs and am ready to head to bed, Jack stands in front of the recliner, looks at me, and waits for me to put down his blanket. Some might say it’s spoiled. I think it’s slightly neurotic/kind of adorable. I also feel bad that we don’t pay as much attention to him post-baby, so the tucking-in is the least I can do.

Exhibit C–How can you deny that face a blanket?

Jack all tucked in

With all this talk of sleep, it’s time for me to get some. Off to slumber!


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  1. We certainly went through the “button” phase. I think I was more hooked on it than baby Eli. It was a quick and easy fix. And hey, I was okay with that. Then at 11 months, he handed one to me said, “No.” and wouldn’t pick up another one. Sigh. That was a hard day for me. We had our own barrage of binkies lined up on the dresser…and in the car…and in my purse…and in Grammy’s purse. But it all worked out, and he slept fine without it, once he was ready to give it up.

    I think tucking in the dog makes perfect sense. I make my cat Winston’s “nest” every night. He has a certain way he likes the quilts to be laid out. 🙂

  2. Wow, the photo of all the pacifiers lined up sure brought back some memories! Asher loved the pacifier. Kiera found her thumb when she was 2 months old and she never used a pacifier again. That thumb is magic – it never gets lost and it’s always there when she needs it. I might feel differently if she’s still sucking her thumb when she’s 3, but I’m not going to worry about it now.

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