Hi, my name’s Amber and I’m a Competition-aholic. It’s embarrassing, but my fatal flaw if I were to be a heroine in a Greek tragedy would be my level of competitiveness. Generally, I think that it’s healthy to have a little bit of competition in you. It’s good to want to improve yourself and do your best. However, yesterday my competitive nature reached a low point. My low point arrived very early in the day when I congratulated myself on getting a PR on my drive to work. The fact that I even think of PR’s in relationship to your morning commute is a little sad. Later in the day, I got all hopped up on the recycling competition in the homerooms at school. Again, it’s for a good cause, but it’s a competition for the kids, not me.  This morning, Ben and I ran a 5K. I went into it thinking that I wouldn’t go crazy because I had the jogging stroller. Not try during an actual competition? Yeah right. This coming from the girl who got a concussion in high school gym class while playing a particularly aggressive game of kickball. My “taking it easy” turned into my coming dangerously close to placing in my age group even with a shoe-tying-time-out and while pushing 40 lbs of stroller, baby, and gear. Yes, I have a serious competition problem.

Ben is tuckered out after his first 5K, Ben's Run (I had to run with him in this race!).

I come from a long line of people who like to win. My mom’s family has even turned height into a competition. Growing up, at family events, we all stood back-to-back to determine who was the tallest. I stopped growing in 7th grade, so my days of winning were over. I am now the first step in the “growing up” scale. Awesome. Probably one of the most hilarious competitions in my mom’s family is the Scrabble tournaments that we have at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Scrabble is a serious thing in our family. We have a minimum of 3 boards going at a time –tournament style. There is a Champions game with a wild card spot and a Loser’s Bracket. Some people might call it a “Consolation Bracket”. Not us. If you don’t win, you lose. At one holiday, my cousin flipped a board after she lost. Yes. That’s how we roll. I’m thankful that my competitive nature only extends to things where there is a numerical winner or loser and that I’ve learned to “lock it up” when necessary. Otherwise, I would have very few friends.


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  1. My husband is quite the competition-holic himself. In fact, he even turned to a career geared towards winning. He’s a coach.

    I, on the other hand, am a tree-hugging, timid hippie. Competition makes me want to run…but not in a winning way…in a run away way.

    I am curious to see which one of us our son favors in this aspect.

    Congrats on doing so well!!:)

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