Reasons why I’m glad my students are parents


As part of the child development unit in my psychology classes, I gave my students a project on being parents. The first round of the assignment was to create a baby budget in which you figure out how much a baby will cost in its first year of life as well as how you are going to afford existing in the “real world”. I have gotten some VERY hilarious/sad answers. Here are some gems:

  1. One student plans to spend $30/day on fast food for his meals and $100 every week and a half at Safeway for soups and microwavable dinners.
  2. One student plans to not buy bibs and just use paper towels because bibs are “pointless”. Said student also thinks that a crib isn’t necessary and that you can just turn the couch so that the baby doesn’t fall out (I think hope he’s joking).

Other students are pretty specific and have picked out “magnificent swag” for their imaginary babies to be. Some of them went so far as to pick-out what their kids’ favorite books will be. Either the students are over-spenders or are beyond frugal. I’m just glad that they’re not planning out my life!



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