Summer Running


There are few experiences in life that are better than a summer morning run. This morning I had one of those glorious, before dawn outings. The weather was perfect. The air was fresh with the smell of wild gardenias blooming in my neighborhood. When I started, there was just the barest glimpse of a sliver moon on the horizon. It was peaceful and quiet. It was the perfect time to think and gear up for the day. On the return trip, dawn had finally broken. The sky turned pink and purple, and while I was incredibly sweaty, I felt clean. There is something to be said about the cleanliness of body that comes from a good run. When I finally got home and jumped into the shower, I felt rejuvenated. Nothing beats a shower after being sweaty and dirty, but washing away the sweat and stress of the last week of school is an even more cleansing act. Even if you’re not a runner, enjoying a summer morning should be on everyone’s to-do list. Enjoy the quiet with a nice cup of coffee and take in the stillness.


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  1. I was JUST thinking this morning about how glorious it will be to enjoy summer mornings in a few weeks! While I wouldn’t say I’m a morning person, there is just something about that time of day that I love…and I’m looking forward to experiencing it NOT rushing to get the kids and myself out the door/fighting traffic on ConnAve. Hooray, summer mornings! 🙂

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