Day 3 of Our Homelessness


Day 3 of our homelessness dawned in a new house with more friends. While I have been truly humbled by the graciousness of offers from our friends for cool places to hang out and spend the night, I’m pretty much over not being in our house. One of the funnier comments of the morning came from Husband after he came out of the bathroom. He said, “I know I’ve been homeless for the past three days, but no one told me that I actually look homeless.” To paint the picture, he was wearing ratty shorts that had paint stains on them (his favorite), a t-shirt, and three days worth of beard and hair growth (Husband shaves his hair). Neither Ben nor I look too pretty either. Ben got his first bath since Thursday last night and promptly smeared peaches in his hair this morning. Super.

Here are some highs from our adventures:

  1. Knowing we have awesome friends
  2. Taking a hot shower
  3. Sleeping in air conditioning
  4. Day long trip to the mall
  5. Walking to get fro-yo

Here are some lows from our adventures:

  1. Spending Husband’s birthday without power
  2. Throwing up on the side of the highway because I had heat exhaustion after running 8 miles in the 88 degree heat (not my smartest move)
  3. The pool being closed because the landline was down (we informed the lifeguard that there were 4 cell phones between the 3 of us and that we could call for help if needed)
  4. Ben’s snotty nose
  5. Sleeping in a new place every night

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