Chasing the Clouds Away

Chasing the Clouds Away

For anyone who has ever had or hung-out with a young boy, you know that they are in constant motion. Ben is no exception. From the time he wakes up until the time he goes to sleep, he is moving. Whether it be crawling somewhere, banging on something, whipping around a toy golf club, he is moving. However, I have recently discovered something amazing. Ben LOVES Sesame Street. I feel kind of like a bad mom for letting him watch TV at such a young age, but I need a little background noise when it’s just him and me at home and he loves it. When I say that he loves The Street (those in the know call it “The Street“), I mean he starts flapping his arms in excitement when he hears the theme song and he stops whatever he is doing to watch it. For a child who is a ball of frenetic energy, this is an incredible feat. Other kids’ shows, he could care less about watching. But, Sesame Street is must see TV.  We do have several episodes of Dinosaur Train on the DVR because I am trying to foster a love of dinosaurs in him, but nothing holds a candle to Big Bird and the gang.

On the plus side, The Street has a lot of wonderful educational aspects. I never realized how amazing it is. Today we learned about the word “exquisite” from Eva Longoria on one episode and the word “embarrassed” from Seth Rogan on another episode. Telly Monster, Gordon, and Baby Bear also showed us that boys can play with dolls and wear pink if they want. Tons of great lessons. Mr. Noodle kind of freaks me out, but that’s neither here nor there.  In any case, on really hot or really rainy days, it’s the perfect way to keep the boy  occupied inside. 🙂

Ben watching Rosita and Paul Rudd show the audience that princesses can save themselves.


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