The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far


While I have been home with Ben these past few weeks, I have found more and more signs that he is hopelessly like his parents. Many of these signs come in the form of food preference and how he deals with  frustration.

One way that Ben is like me/I influenced him in utero is the food he loves. This kid could eat blueberries, pancakes (no syrup, of course!), and pasta until he burst. I pretty much ate blueberries exclusively between June and August of last summer, so that would probably explain the blueberry love. Pancakes and pasta are just plain good and two of my personal favorites. Ben could pretty much eat his weight in them. When we go out for breakfast, he can put away about the same amount as a five-year old. No joke.

Ben is like Husband in his problem solving skills. You know those little boxes with the removable tops with the shape cut-outs? Kids are supposed to match the square peg with the square hole and what not. Ben has decided that putting the pegs through the holes is for chumps so he takes the top off and puts the shapes into the box that way—much easier. He looks at me and his internal monologue is, “Why would I stick the pegs through the holes?” Clever, boy. Clever. The boy also uses his toys as tools. He uses his push-car to get up on furniture and climb over other obstacles. It’s pretty amazing, actually.

Another trait of mine that Ben has is how we deal with frustration. Case-in-point. This morning, Husband took our larger car to work with him, because he generally drives that car. Unfortunately, I had a running engagement in which I needed the jogging stroller. Jogging stroller doesn’t fit in my little sedan. As I was trying to jam the stroller into the car while swearing up a blue streak (Ben was in baby jail inside so swearing was ok), I called Husband to yell at him in my frustration. Did that solve anything? No. I just wanted to display my frustration to someone. Ben, my darling precious boy, is not yet one. What does he do when he is frustrated because you took something from him? Throw a tantrum. Super. Can’t wait for two.

As Ben gets older, I’ll be very interested to see which traits stick and which traits morph and develop. I love having my very only psychology project. 🙂


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