A Toddler’s Response to the Kevin Clash Debacle


This is an open letter to Mr. Kevin Clash from Ben (age 15 months).
Dear Mr. Kevin Clash,

My name is Ben and I am 15 months old. Yesterday, my mommy told me that you are very good friends with Elmo and that you did a bad thing. Mommy said that you are in big trouble, like when Jack the dog has to go to his crate for doing something bad. Mommy said that because you and Elmo are such good friends that Elmo is in trouble, too. She says that sometimes when you are friends with someone who does a bad thing that you get in trouble. She says this is called “guilt by association.” I don’t really understand what that means, but I think it has something to do with not getting animal cookies. Mommy thinks that Elmo might have to go to on time-out for awhile. Again, I am not too sure what “time-out” is because I am only 15 months old. It sounds very bad, though.

This makes me very sad because I love Elmo.  I don’t want Elmo to be in trouble. He is a good monster and makes kids like me very happy everyday. Even though you, Mr. Clash, did a bad thing, I hope Elmo doesn’t go on time-out. I hope that all of my friends on Sesame Street can help Elmo not be in trouble and find Elmo some new friends who don’t do bad things. Will you tell them that Elmo isn’t a bad monster? Could you help them find new friends for Elmo? I would be so happy to see Elmo on Sesame Street! Please make sure that Elmo doesn’t get in trouble. That would make this bad thing the worst because it would make me and other kids so sad. I hope you can help Elmo. Thank you.




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