Top Chef: Thanksgiving Toddler Challenge


This isn’t my first time at the Thanksgiving Rodeo. It is my fourth Thanksgiving in charge of cooking and hosting. However, this is my first Thanksgiving with a very wily one-year old. Adding in a one-year old makes things exponentially more difficult. In fact, I really think the contestants on Top Chef should do a challenge in which they have to make a meal, clean a house and prepare a table while dealing with a small child. Thankfully, my dad and Husband have been very helpful, but there are times when Ben demands to be held and to see what is going on. I think it would be epic to see an ornery chef toting a squirming toddler on a hip and trying to chop celery. Or, try to pull pies out of the oven while preventing the kid from sticking his hand in the oven or dealing with a screaming baby and having turkey hands. I really think Bravo should consider it.


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