Most Valuable Family Member

Most Valuable Family Member

During and after major family “come together” moments, Husband and I give out “awards” for Most and Least Valuable Family Member. After the power outage over the summer, Husband and I awarded Jack the dog the Least Valuable Family Member. All Jack did during this time was cry and get under foot. Yeah, yeah. We understand that it was a confusing time for a dog. But, he was more of a nuisance than an asset, which is why he got Least Valuable.  However, over Thanksgiving, Jack stepped it up a notch and lost his Least Valuable title. He was very helpful in the cleaning up and playing with Ben. He even let Ben pull his ear and tail without repercussions. Jack was definitely promoted from Least Valuable to at least Valuable. He didn’t quite make it to Most Valuable because he tried to steal some food, but he’s working his way up.

Jack the Valuable Family Member


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