Husband and Wife…On the Run


The title of the post sounds like Husband and I are on the lam. I assure you that we are not. What we are doing, however, is running a Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon this March. It’s a first for Husband and I’m super excited that we can run this race together. One thing Husband has always been is supportive of my running. He has spent countless hours waiting for me to get back from a run or cheering from the sidelines as I race past. In years past, we have always run a local 5k in honor of one of our friend’s sisters. The past couple of years, he has volunteered and not run the race. The last year we both ran it, we crossed the finish line together and it was an awesome feeling. We’ve done other races together in the past, but always gone at our own pace. Husband has been wanting to do a half for awhile, but hasn’t gotten a chance to sign up for it. I’ve decided that I want to have more experience at the distance to help with my marathon training and thought it might be a good idea to help Husband train for his first long race. So, over Christmas Break we made the decision to bite the bullet and sign-up for a half.

Well, to say “we” decided might be an overstatement. I convinced Husband to run it with me. You see, Husband is a natural runner, but running isn’t his main means of fitness. He stays fit by doing circuit workouts with his buddies from work. What’s disgustingly annoying (because I’m jealous!) is that after not running for more than a mile or two for a long time, he can pick up and crank out 6 miles in a sub-8 pace like it’s nothing. It’s pretty impressive and I’m amazingly proud of him. But when both of us are training for a half, that adds a level of challenge when we have the boy.

How do we get around this dilemma? We alternate between who runs and who stays home. On weekdays, I tend to run in the morning. After a day of putting on 5 performances for my students, I’m wiped and have no motivation to run unless I have a running buddy. Husband usually runs in the afternoon. The discipline of running after work by yourself is mayhem, but I’ll hand it to him. Once we got the training schedule together, he has been getting gold stars for dedication. On the weekends, we switch off days. I usually run on Saturday morning and Husband runs on Sundays while Ben and I are at swimming lessons. It’s  a pretty great system, but we will have to fine-tune it as we do more frequent, longer runs.


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