Endorphins Make Everything Better


Last Tuesday I was chatting with my Bestie and the following transpired.

Amber: Ugh. I’m such a rage beast today.

Bestie: When did you last go for a run?

Amber: Last Thursday…

There you have it. I have become an endorphins junkie. Endorphins, those magical neurotransmitters that create a runner’s high, are amazing. Husband knows that I need endorphins and encourages me to run when I’m tired because he knows that if I don’t, ALL will suffer. Conversely, I encourage Husband to exercise because I know that he is much happier and chattier when he has an endorphin rush. To further the evidence that endorphins are awesome, my brother was a super competitive swimmer for 15 years and existed on a relatively constant endorphin rush. When he stopped swimming so frequently, he became a Grumpy Gus. However, now that he has been swimming club and taking exercise classes, he has a more steady flow of endorphins. He chats at length with my mom after his classes and generally loves life. Thus, endorphins are happy makers.

Running prevents 1,000,000 rage accidents per year.

Running prevents 1,000,000 rage accidents per year.

In addition to curing the Grumpies, I’m trying to use running to get rid of the cold that has been trying to get me. I blame myself, really, because last week I told a friend that I hadn’t gotten sick yet this winter. Karma said, “Oh really? Challenge accepted.” This afternoon, I went out to try to run this cold off to the hills. I’m feeling a little better, but only time will tell. If this plan doesn’t work, at least I got in another run before the cold takes hold.


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