The Best of Ben


Sometimes Ben does too many cute things to count. On days when I’m at school, sometimes it helps to think about the adorable-ness. Here are some of my current favorites.

  1. He brings books to you when he wants you to read to him. Sometimes he goes over to his little library, selects a book, and walks over all business-like. He puts the book into your lap and doesn’t necessarily crawl into your lap, but stands there expectantly like, “Hey. You know the code, code-breaker. Do your magic and tell me what it says.”
  2. He avoids saying “m” words. Much to my dismay, he doesn’t like to say “m” words or words with “m” in them. I think he has a hard time with the sound, but it’s sad for me because he only says “Mommy” if I make him say it.
  3. He pretends that he doesn’t know English when I try to get him to put his bath toys away. On nights when we don’t have to do a bath at lightspeed because he is in full-on meltdown mode, Ben loves the bath. On occasion, he loves the bath so much that he doesn’t want to get out. As a result, he pretends to not understand me when I say, “Put the lobster away.” Other nights, he knows full well what “put the lobster away” means. Sneaky.
  4. When he’s tired, he’ll sit up when we’re reading our good night story and point at his crib. If you ask him, “Do you want to go to bed?” He’ll respond, “Yeah.” Gotta love the guy.
  5. He does a happy dance when I ask if he wants to go out for pancakes.
  6. He likes to dance to Blues music. Last night as I was making ice cream, I turned on a Blues Rock Pandora channel and the little guy was busting a move on his step stool while watching me mix the ice cream.
  7. He and Jack like the same movies. I turned on White Fang yesterday. This was heaven for both of them. Boy loves his dogs.
  8. He gets really, intensely excited about washing dishes. Whenever I put things in the sink or he comes near a sink he yells, “Wash?! Wash?!” I hope this lasts into later childhood.
  9. Instead of “bye-bye” he says, “Buh-bye” like on that Saturday Night Live skit.
  10. [Classical] music has charms to soothe a savage breast. When there are dark times, Debussy is usually the answer. Although, last night he listened to some Puccini as sung by Jackie Evancho and some Phantom of the Opera. He sat quietly on my lap for a half-an-hour listening to classical music. Sitting still for that long is unheard of in toddlers.

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