Heat is Humbling


Spring/Summer has sprung in DC. After an unseasonably freezing March, April has show us temperatures near 90. What’s a runner to do? Hydrate. It’s very difficult to acclimate to running in hot weather when you’ve spent the last three months layering on the Under Armour Cold Gear. While I do mercilessly mock people who wear hydration belts to 5ks, If I’m going on a long run in the heat, I don’t mess around. Earlier this week, I went out on a run and had to break a cardinal rule: I drank from the sketchy spigot by the community garden. I probably got lead poisoning, cholera, and dysentery from said spigot, but my lips were stuck together I was so dehydrated, so it had to be done. There is nothing so uncomfortable as not having any saliva on those horribly hot runs.

The next day, I was smart. I brought a water bottle along for the run. However, it was still hotter than Hades outside. I was running with a friend who is much faster than me, and this caused many problems. I had to walk. I hate walking. A lot. From the girl who just ran a half marathon three weeks ago, the six miles was BRUTAL. I was not physically prepared for the heat and could not keep the pace. It was obnoxious. After the run, I downed a half liter of water and was dehydrated to the point where I didn’t have to go to the bathroom for another three hours. It was definitely humbling. I just hope that I get used to this heat soon so that I can be way less annoying.


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