Boston Tragedy


As a marathoner, a runner, and an American, I am deeply saddened by this day. The Boston Marathon is a world running icon and a joyous event. Fans line the streets to cheer on the elite athletes of the field. It is an event that people (myself included) train years for and dream of running. This morning, I went out for a run and read all of the posts from Runners World, Ragnar, Hal Higdon, Another Mother Runner, and Women’s Health cheering on the athletes. Friends and fellow runners streamed the event and gave me updates on the progress of the race. It is such an exciting day for the running world. I cannot imagine how scared and saddened the entire field was. After running 26.2 miles and feeling like death you should be able to cross the line with a sense of victory instead of fear and defeat. To have such a joyous event turn into a nightmare is beyond thought.

Tomorrow, I run in honor of the Boston victims. I run for those who no longer be able to run. I run for their families. I also run for the children and teachers who lost their lives in the Newtown Tragedy. In this year of sadness, I run for those who have been victimized be senselessness. It’s small, but it helps me cope and hopefully honor those who lost their lives.


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