Mommy Has a Problem


Hi, my name is Amber and I have a book problem. I’ve always been a big reader but haven’t had a ton of time due to grad school, first year of teaching, and then a baby. Now, summer is just about here and I have quite the reading list. I call 2011 the year I didn’t watch movies because I couldn’t stay awake due to being pregnant and narcoleptic or having a newborn and being narcoleptic. The year 2012 was the year I didn’t read because I had a very active baby who couldn’t play by himself. This year I’m making up for lost reading-time. Here’s a picture of part of my summer list:

Mommy has a book problem.

Mommy has a book problem.

Husband knows me too well and got me most of these books for Mother’s Day. Also, I have awesome friends who lend me books. Unfortunately, Barnes and Noble and I are really tight. Ben and I like to go to story time at the old B&N and hang-out amongst the books.  One thing I hope to foster in Ben is a love of reading. What better way than to treat books like a fun event and to read them at home together?


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