National Whatever Day


Sometimes I feel really nerdy celebrating National __________ Days. In part, I feel nerdy because these days are completely fabricated. It’s not like some deity came down from on high and declared, “Mortals! Today, June 5, shall henceforth and forever be known as ‘National Running Day!’ Lace up thine sneakers and run all the miles!” That would be ridiculous. However, I don’t feel nerdy because I think of it as a way to celebrate something. Will I celebrate National Ice Cream Day? Heck yes (if I remember). Will I celebrate National Pair Up the Lonely Socks Day? Potentially. Will I celebrate National Trail Day (June 1)? You bet. I totally added a couple of miles to my Saturday run just to celebrate. Will I run with a group instead of myself on National Running Day as a means to celebrate the sport I love? Abso-freakin-lutely. So, while National Whatever Days are made up, they at least make you think about doing something special each day. That’s ok in my book.


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