Cure for an Annoying Day


Generally, I have a high tolerance for what I would determine a “bad day.” I consider bad days days when you lose someone close to you, you lose a job, you find out that you are lactose/gluten intolerant. Those are bad days. My theory is that if people in Africa and India can live on less than a dollar a day and I live in a nice house where I feel safe, have electricity, and food, I’m not having a bad day. However, there are days that are really, really annoying. There are those days where it feels like nothing is going your way. Those are annoying days. Today was one of those days. There was strike-out after strike-out after strike-out. I pretty much batted .100 today. The good moments ended early on. However, when I was feeling especially frustrated and crabby, Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love” came on my Spotify and Ben and I hugged Ben close as we danced around the kitchen. Annoying day instantly got better.


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