Before there was Ben there was Husband. Husband and I met my freshman year of college when we were both the tender age of 19. It was a meeting and a date of happenstance, but we’ve been together ever since my date to a formal had to get knee surgery and my roommate’s boyfriend offered up his best friend as my replacement date. I’m a really lucky lady. Husband treats me really well and is a fantastic cleaner. I am a terrible cleaner. Well, I’m actually not a terrible cleaner, I just hate to clean.

When it comes to being a traditional “wife”, I’m ok. One thing I do love, and one thing I am passionate about, is providing good, nutritious food for Husband and my family. Growing up, my mom always provided good food and had dinner on the table at 5:00 every night. She always provided healthy meals. As I have grown up and had my own family, I have wanted to really adapt those meals into something modern and as healthy as possible. The recipes here are my attempt to make good food healthy.


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