There are few things in life that are as surprising and amazing as becoming a parent. It’s not like, “Oops, now I have a kid”-surprising. Generally, you know nine months in advance that this whole “parenthood thing” is coming. But, parenthood is surprising in the sense that no one can prepare you for it. It is a cliché, but the truest cliché I have ever experienced.  You have all of these ideas and plans about what parenthood is going to be like. However, once the umbilical cord is cut and they put the bundle of pink in your arms, all bets are off.

That being said, being a parent is the greatest thing I have ever been. I have worn many hats in my short-ish life, but having my little guy has been the greatest one. Every day I strive to be better than the last. I guess it’s all you can ask for, yes?


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